Assulina discoides

Bobrov, Shimano, Mazey 2012



Assulina discoides Bobrov, Shimano, Mazey 2012 (Figs 12–16, Tables 2–3). Description: Shell large, disc shaped (Figs 13, 14, 16), coloress, transparent, cross-sectional narrow-elliptical. Usually breadth slightly exceeds the length (Table 2). Aperture is narrow-elliptical with uneven narrow organic lip (Fig. 15). Aperture diameter is about 1/3 of the shell breadth. Surface is covered by large narrow elliptical idiosomes (Figs 13–15) of the size up to 8–10 microns in length and 5–6 microns in breadth. Fig. 12. Assulina discoides: broad (left) and lateral (right) views. 1–4 – characters of the test measured. Figs 13–16. SEM (13–15) and LM (16) micrographs of Assulina discoides. 13–14 – broad views, 15 – details of the aperture, 16 – dividing cells.

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