Porosia paracarinata

Bobrov, Kosakyan, 2015



Porosia paracarinata Bobrov, Kosakyan (Fig. 1, 2) Test is larg, pyriform, laterally compressed, with rounded posterior part, in profile narrow elliptical. At approximately 1/3 of test length starting from aperture, two distinct lateral depressions with two large invaginated pores are situated on each side, which are connected by internal tubes as in Porosia biggibosa. In profile, small lateral pores can be observed, just anterior to the large pores. At approximately after ½ of the length of the test counted from aperture a lateral keel is starting such as in Nebela carinata, the width of which can vary between individuals (Fig. 1, 2). Test is colorless, composed of circular or elliptic or irregular plates often covered by thin layer of organic cement. Length=202-236 µm, Breadth=142-157 µm. Aperture is oval, curved surrounded with thick organic lip= 56-67µm wide.

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